I have an alert that my payment system has canceled the payment.

This usually happens because you have not set a limit for online purchases on your credit card. Once you fix this, you can pay the Premium again and your payment should be completed without any issues.

It seems to me that I have already bought premium, but I still see the limits. Why does it happen?

Most likely, you just did not log in your account. If you did everything right, please contact our support team in any convenient way.

Is my premium account tied to a specific device?

No, it is attached to your account, so the device you are using does not matter.

I want to change my password or email address on my account.

Please, go to the profile settings and edit the options you are interested in.

Can someone on your team see my files?

No, we respect your privacy, so only you can access the files you upload. What's more, all your processed images will be deleted from our secure servers 2 hours after uploading.

Do you provide API for developers?

Now there is no such option, but there may be thit possibility in the future.

It takes too long to process my images!

Most likely, problem is the performance of your browser. Installing additional extensions can significantly slow down processing speed. If you don't know how to disable extensions, use a different browser.

Can anyone access my files?

All data transmitted to our servers is encrypted and only you can access it. We respect not only the privacy requirements, but also all the parameters of corporate ethics. Therefore, you should not worry that someone will be able to access your data without your prior approval.

Do I need a powerful computer?

No, you need a mobile phone or a browser on a regulard PC to process images on our service. If your laptop or other device easily opens social network websites, our tools should work fine too. The downloading and uploading speed depends directly on the quality of your internet connection.

I cannot confirm the registration / I have not received a letter

Most likely, you have already received it yet, but it went to Spam folder. Please check this folder.

How can I upload an image?

The first way is to select the images you need in the file explorer and upload them. The second way is to drag all the images from the folder into the upload window of our service, which is located right in your browser.

Can I compress compressed images?

No, there is no such option.

What is the compression rate?

Our service determines the highest compression rate by default, and we do out best to maintain the highest possible quality.

The conversion is too slow!

The processing of images depends on the file size and the speed of your internet connection. Effect of our capacity is decreased to a minimum.

Does your service support cloud storages?

You can upload files not only from your computer, but also from cloud storages.

Can I exceed limits of my account type?

It is physically impossible. If the amount of available operations is not enough then you can simply purchase an additional package.